Manage Your Customers Interaction

Rekursif is a cloud solutions to manage user- generated contents (pictures, videos and text) that you receive through chat app (WhatsApp, FB Messenger) or your social media channels (Instagram's direct message).


Manage Your User-Generated Content

01. Save Time

Save time by  managing all pictures, videos, files and text that your customers upload or send all in one dashboard instead of through each apps one by one.

02. Real-Time Analytics

Monitor the interaction from your customers that come through your many different channels (WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Instagram's Direct Message) in real time. 


Understand Your
Users Better

Our solutions give you information like demographic, location, social media activities about your users to help you understand them better.  



Companies use various social media channels to interact with their customers, may it be WhatsApp, FB Messenger or Instagram. Managing interaction on each of these channels can be time-consuming. Rekursif simplifies interaction with your customers that come through these social media.




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